Teammate 401(k): Is There Risk?

Just to be 100% transparent, There is risk inherent in the stock market and you could possibly see dramatic ups and downs from time to time. But, since they are designed as long-term investment plans to help people save for retirement, there is a heavy layer of governance and oversight meant to help protect the safety of your money as much as possible.  Nothing is 100% certain, but the performance of many mutual funds has shown to be fairly consistent over the long term and are wealth-building tools generally recommended by financial experts as some of the safest investment tools available. 

The fact is that investments like these are a key part of how wealthy people become and stay wealthy. This is your chance to make an investment in your future quality of life. 3% today is not much… but what that 3% can build for you over time can be life-changing, especially since Ōnin doubles it for you right out of the gate. The question you have to ask yourself is what is more important: a cheeseburger today, or the quality of life you will enjoy when you decide you’re done working? ​​​​​