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​​​​​​​2021 Medical Benefits Plan
Your health is important to us, and we know medical benefits should not be expensive and should be easy for you to use on your busy schedule. That’s why we offer our Teammates custom-built benefits that are affordable and convenient to use. By surveying Teammates and Ōninites in the field, speaking with experts and after a lot of thought, we have custom built the Teammate Plan, which has no deductible, low copays, as well as free teledoctor and counseling services. Your body, mind, mouth and eyes are taken care of. We know it’s hard to see a doctor if you can’t afford one. We hope these affordable and easy-to-use plans help you and your family to stay healthy and happy.
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Choosing a Plan

No matter which plan you choose, when you have medical insurance through Ōnin Staffing, you also receive a Vision Plan, teledoctor services and an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) at no extra cost!

You are not required to have health insurance in most states any longer. However, if you opt-out of coverage, you will not have access to the Vision Plan, telemedicine services or EAP. To opt-out, call the Enrollment Assistance line at 833-236-7463 or visit

If you do not choose a plan or opt-out of insurance within 30 days of being hired, you will automatically be enrolled in the Teammate Plan. You will need to call the Enrollment Assistance line or visit before the end of your 30 days if you want the Bronze Plan instead, want to add dependents, or opt-out of the insurance.
The Teammate Plan is a no deductible plan. This means you will have medical insurance you can use the first pay period following 30 days from your start date with Ōnin. This plan offers lower copays, $5 generic prescriptions, two $5 in-person primary care visits, and is truly usable insurance. There is no out-of-pocket maximum, which means you will pay your copay each time you receive medical care for all covered visits and procedures.

The Bronze Plan meets the Affordable Care Act requirements. Common services, like doctor visits, are more expensive on this plan, but the Bronze Plan provides a maximum-out-of-pocket is a high-deductible plan where you will pay more out-of-pocket when you use a doctor for more than preventative care. Copays to see a doctor or specialist are higher than our Teammate Plan. Also, you must meet your deductible ($3,000/$9,000) before the insurance begins to help cover some of the medical costs. This plan does offer a maximum out-of-pocket of $6,500 for the individual plan and $13,200 for the family plan, which means you will not spend more than this amount in a year, although you will still have to pay your premiums.
It is important to remember, you can use our teledoctor services for free, from anywhere, to avoid traditional, time-consuming office visits and fees by selecting one of our insurance plans.

Our Teammates

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Lisa is a single woman working full-time. When she’s not at work, she enjoys an active social life, but she also deals with anxiety and has had some financial issues in the past year. Lisa cares about having healthcare options that are affordable and allow her to take care of her physical and mental health. Lisa has the Teammate-Only, Teammate Plan.
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Andre is a busy single dad dealing with a full-time job. Andre is constantly on the go, but that doesn’t stop him from keeping up with his health needs. Andre alternates between working first and second shift, which can make it hard to visit the doctor’s office during normal hours. Having healthcare options that work with his schedule is important. Andre has the Teammate and Children, Teammate Plan.
When you are sick, you don’t always have time to go to the doctor. Missing work costs you in more than one way. With our teledoctor (also called a telemedicine) benefit, you can speak with a doctor any time of day, any day of the week for FREE. You don’t have to leave your home, and you can even call from work on your break!
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More Plan Details

Teammate Plan

This plan offers Teammates radically affordable, radically easy to use benefits. This plan was created just for our Teammates and their unique job situation. Our Teammates are part of the Ōnin team, and they deserve an incredible benefits plan.
Teammate Plan - Summary
Network PHCS
Deductible $0/$0
Prescription Drugs $5 copay on generic
Primary Care Visits $5 copay first 2 visits, $25 copay, visits 3 & 4
Specialist Visits $50 copay, up to 4 visits per year
Urgent Care $25 copay, up to 4 visits per year
Preventative Services Covered 100%
Teledoctor $0 Copay
Teammate Plan Summary - Fixed Dollar Reimbursement
X-ray Services $200 up to 3 per year
Laboratory Services $150 up to 5 per year
Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) $1,000 up to 1 per year
Computerized Tomography(CT)Scan $1,500 - 1 per year
Treatment of an Accidental Injury $500 up to 2 per year
Treatment of a Sickness $50 up to 1 per year
Teammate Plan Summary - Fixed Dollar Reimbursement
Inpatient Hospital Services, Including Childbirth $3,000 up to 3 days
Surgery $1,000 up to 2 per year
Anesthesia Services $600 up to 5 per year
Mental and Nervous Benefit $150 up to 5 per year
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Benefit $150 up to 5 per year
Inpatient/Outpatient Doctor Benefit $125 up to 10 per year

Life Insurance

Our Teammates spoke and we listened. We added life insurance, at no additional cost, to our standard Teammates Benefits plan.
Teammate Plan - Life Insurance
NEW FOR 2021
Teammate $3,000
Spouse $2,000
Child(ren) $1,000

More Plan Details

Bronze Plan

At Ōnin, you have insurance options! The Bronze Plan is a high-deductible plan, unlike the Teammate Plan, which is a no deductible plan. This means you must first meet your deductible ($3,000/$9,000) before the insurance begins to help cover some of the medical costs. This plan offers a maximum out-of-pocket of $6,500 for the individual plan and $13,200 for the family plan, which means you will not spend more than this amount in a year, although you will still have to pay your premiums.
Bronze Plan Highlights
Plan Highlights
Annual Calendar Year Deductible In Network Out of Network
Individual | Family $3,000 | $9,000 $5,000 | $10,000
Maximum Calendar Year Out-of-Pocket
Individual | Family $6,500 | $13,200 Unlimited
Professional Services
Primary Care Physician (PCP) | Specialist $40 copay Deductible + 40%
Specialist Visit $80 copay Deductible + 40%
Preventive Care Exam | Well Baby Covered 100% Deductible + 40%
Teledoctor $0 Copay Unavailable
Diagnostic Test
Lab & Path
X-ray & Imaging
Other Diagnostic Examination
Deductible + 20% Deductible + 40%
Imaging (CT/PET scans, MRIs)
Outpatient Radiology Center
Outpatient Hospital
Deductible + 20% Deductible + 40%
Hospital Services
Inpatient Deductible + 20% Deductible + 40%
Outpatient Surgery (Outpatient Hospital) Deductible + 20% Deductible + 40%
Emergency Room Deductible + 20% Deductible + 20%
Urgent Care Deductible + 20% Deductible + 40%
Prescription Drugs
Retail (30 day supply) Mail Order (90 day supply)
Generic $15 $30
Preferred Brand 30% min $35 30% min $70
Non-Preferred Brand 40% min $70 40% min $150

More Plan Details

Mental Health Employee Assistance Program (EAP
We don’t just care about your physical health. Your mental health is just as important to us. If you need someone to talk to about a recent loss, depression, anxiety, debt or other issues for yourself or your covered family members, you can speak with a mental health counselor – for FREE.
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What Ōnin Provides


Dental – Metlife

Your dental coverage plan is part of your plan for no additional premium for the Teammate-Only plan. We think that’s something to smile about.
Dental PPO
Annual Deductible - (Individual/Family) $50/$150
Calendar Year Maximum Benefit $1,000
Network Dentemax
In Network/Out of Network Coverage
Exams (once every 6 months) Covered 100%
Cleanings (once every 6 months)
Fluoride Treatments (children under 14)
Emergency Room Visit
Fillings Covered 50%
Simple Extractions
sealants (children under 16)
Inpatient/Outpatient Benefits
Periodontics Covered 0%
Endodontic (root canal)

More Plan Details



The ability to see is a gift often taken for granted. Good vision is important for learning, safety and your overall well-being. Our Vision Plan offers affordable care for you and your family members.
2021 Vision Benefit Updates

The Superior Vision plan now includes prescription safety glasses.
Superior Vision
Waiting Period/Coverage Election Date 1st Pay Period Following 30 Days of Employment
Basic Information In Network
Eye Exam 100% after $10 copay
Contacts: Elective Up to $100 Allowance
Eyeglass Lenses: Single, Bifocal, Trifocal 100% after $25 copay
Standard Frame *Up to $100 Allowance
Frequency of Services In Network
Comprehensive Eye Examination 12 Months
Lenses 12 Months
Frames 24 Months
Other Features
Laser Vision Correction Discounts range from 10% to 50%
Name of Network Superior National Network
Plan Provisions *Frames: Up to 20% off amount over allowance
NEW: Prescription Safety Eyewear! Click here to get more info (PDF)

More Plan Details


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